Emma  is the Creator of Surviving Sundays

Emma is the Creator of Surviving Sundays


SURVIVING SUNDAYS Began as a personal journal about a period when I hated Sundays- the day when I would feel more hopeless and alone than any other, long before it became my favourite day of the week. 

I wanted a place to express and document the incredible personal growth that I had been through – of which I now feel proud but which wouldn’t have been possible without me hitting the floor five years ago. 

 Not many people knew about what I’d been going through because I had an ‘A*’ in putting a face on things when I could, which is ironically where the problem came from.

As I opened up to people, I realised I wasn’t alone in suppressing my problems – I found so many people had either suffered or were living with anxiety and depression. For some it may have been a panic attack caused by fear of the underground, or nagging self-doubt during presentations at work, or for others an intense period of desperation and grief after loss or childhood trauma. 

The one thing that we all had in common was the power of human connection. Having read other people’s accounts in magazines or blogs, or through having a conversation with a friend or a professional, we learned that we weren’t alone. That helped us to overcome the shame that often made us feel worse. 

Everyone’s battle is different and none is more important or valid than another. There’s no correct time frame or way to heal, but hopefully the stories of each person who is brave enough to share them will demonstrate to those who read them that they are not alone –  that it does take work and that you can find a place where you see that life is worth holding on to. 

I see this blog as a way to simply pay it forward, as thanks for everything I learned from both my experience and the stories of others. Some of the stories here are funny and some are heartbreaking, but all are honest accounts shared with good intentions.

The big hope is that together we might be able to normalise conversations around mental health and in turn help each other.

Emma x

Should you wish to share your story and the tips that have helped you say hello@survivingsundays.com

NB: This is a personal blog that shares personal experiences and offers peer-to-peer advice, with contributions from professionals where stated. We strive to research resources and recommendations first hand, however, this blog is not a professional resource and in no way replaces or acts as an alternative to proper psychological care of which we are firm advocates.

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