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This Naked Mind  by Annie Grace

This Naked Mind by Annie Grace

This Naked Mind by Annie Grace

This Naked Mind by Annie Grace is quoted by many as the book that changed their relationship with alcohol and in turn themselves. It's recommended by Psychotherapist, Rachel Morris within her article 'The Sunday Shameover'  here in the Sunday Surgery.

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Why we sleep by Matthew walker

We've heard so much about this book that we had to check it out for ourselves. We were not disappointed. The book clearly lays out the importance of sleep and the ways in which losing sleep effects our lives – in more ways than we had considered.

There are practical tips for improving sleep and it's an easy enough read, whereby you can skip sections that you feel may not be relevant to you and still get all that you need from it.

 @megsmenopause on Instagram

 @megsmenopause on Instagram


Meg Mathews is an icon of the nineties Brit Pop scene- a former music industry PR, events planner and designer turned entrepreneur and advocate for the menopause, who recently created which is a platform for education and inspiration.

In 2016, Meg turned 50 and began to experience the first symptoms of the menopause. She was shocked at the lack of support and understanding shown to women during this time in their lives and has now made it is her mission to break the stigma around the menopause.

We recently met with Meg to better understand the link between depression, anxiety and the menopause. We learned that many women are suffering with mental health issues such as a result of hormonal changes triggered by the onset of the menopause and that many are unaware. This is something that Meg hopes to change with more awareness and open conversations around mental health, sex, work and lifestyle at all stages of the menopause. 

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samantha Warrington – yoga, mindfulness & Meditation teacheR

Samantha is our editor and also contributes as our resident 'Wellness Wonder-Woman'. She'll be offering tools and advice.

Samantha has practised yoga for most of her adult life (and some of her childhood). She trained to become a yoga teacher with Zenways in 2015, and to become a meditation and mindfulness teacher last year. Samantha has three children and a full-time job on a weekly magazine, so she has some experience in juggling responsibilities and trying to live skilfully.

You'll find her both here and on regular features on our instastories @surviving_sundays



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