Meditation was the first tool I had used that really helped me understand the complexities of the mind. It has been a tool that has allowed me to learn how to quiet my mind and feel comfortable just being. When was the last time you tried that? Just being? No distractions, no TV, no music, just yourself with yourself. 

At the start of any meditation I would instruct my mind something like this: 'Mind, I’m going to meditate now. While I meditate, let's see how long you can actually be quiet for. Let’s see how good you are at being quiet.' I was amazed at the fact that this actually worked: my mind was serving me, rather than me serving my mind. 

Just observe what your mind throws out to you when you give it this instruction, notice that it has the ability to try and run away with itself again, it will throw things out to you to grab your attention and spiral a thought process off into an unwanted direction again. If you can observe this, just direct it back to the initial task you set it, like any practice it will get better each time.

If practised regularly, I’m sure meditation will bring you a natural remedy to help with the likes of anxiety. 

Anxiety stems from thinking and worrying too much about the future – things that haven’t even happened yet. If you learn how to control your thoughts, you can learn to control and reduce your anxiety. Still today, I don’t fully know if I am meditating 'correctly', but I believe it’s a personal experience and it’s different for all of us.


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